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Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to earn money with fiverr - Getting start with fiverr

What is Fiverr?
Fiverr is a platform like freelancer, odesk etc were people hire Freelancers for their job. It is also one of the cheap method to hire someone for your job. In fiverr if you want to do a job you should have skills in SEO, Logo Designing, Social Marketing etc. In beginning the you have to offer 5$ and then when your reputation will become good then you can offer higher prices also. So by doing good job you will get high levels. Now lets have a look on making money with fiver and how to setup fiverr account.

  • First of all go to and make an account. For this purpose sign up for a seller account. Connecting your account with Google+ or Facebook will help you in fast creation of your account.

  • So after signing up go to your email address and confirm the email sent by fiverr. 
  •  Then upload your real photo and also add some biography account yourself in detail and also write about your work and skills. 
  • Connect your Google+ or Facebook account for 100% completion of your account.
  • Always write real and full name.

  • If you need fiverr revenue card then add your country name and also your full address.

  • Add Languages in which you are good e.g English, Urdu, Hindi, French etc

Finally your seller account is ready. In order to make good reputation your account must be in detail. Now comes the real thing that how to make money and get orders. For this your have to create a fiverr GiG. Fiverr GiG is detail of your skills and work. Here are the following services that you can offer on fiverr.
Social Marketing (Twitter Followers, Facebook Followers and Likes etc)
Graphic Designing
Gifts and Bizarre Offer
Article Writing

So lets make a GiG:

  • Under you name on right side click on create a gig.

  • Enter detail about you skills and about your work.

  • Then add some tags and work time and some details that you want to share with buyers to attract them.

  • Now click on save and continue and your gig is ready.

Now good luck for your earning on fiverr. We Hope that this tutorial will be helpful for you. Don't forget to share your views with us. So comment below and share your feed back with us.

How to create Cpanel in VPS/WHM full video tutorial

VPS Stands for Virtual Private Server used for website hosting purpose. You can host multiples websites on VPS depending upon the disk space of your VPS. When you buy a VPS from any Website Hosting Company, they give you account and you have to create Cpanel accounts at your now, they don't help you. So in today's topic we will be sharing a video tutorial with you in which we will teach you that how to create cpanels in VPS. You can create multiple Cpanels depending upon the disk space of your VPS. So just open the link below and watch full video tutorial. And don't forget to comment on our post. Your feed backs are very important to us.

Alternative way to approve Adsense Pin

Google Adsense is one of the number 1 publisher program. And have world largest network of publishers and advertisers. In order to withdraw your money from your adsense account first you need to have to verify your account. Google sends you a verification pin through postal service and you have to enter your that pin in your adsense account. But in some countries many users didn't get their pin code because of address issue or sometime the department of postal service don't take interest. So it creates many problem for publishers. So in order to solve this problem Google has tell the solution that to visit Google ID verification form and submit your National ID card or Driving License or another identity provided by government. For more information visit this:
Personal ID Verification
And submit your National Id card, Driving License or other information in form and click on submit. Google will see your request and will reply you as soon as possible. 

Form Screenshot:

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to verify Paypal Account- Latest Trick

Making Paypal account is not a big deal but verifying it is. Since Paypal is used in every online shop and also for money transferring, So people in Pakistan also need a verified Paypal account. So today i am going to share a trick with you by which you can verify Paypal in Pakistan.

Step 1:
Go to:
And make an account there.

Step 2:
Now go to:
and make an account. While making account enter fake information. And you can get
fake personal information at:
Step 3:
Now go back to Payoneer and login there. And then click on Receive Money and then click on
US Payment Services.

Step 4:
Now go back to Paypal and login there and click on Add Bank Account. Go back to Payoneer
tab and in US Payment Services you will see a bank account. Copy Routing Number And Bank Account from there and paste it into paypal account. And congratulation you are done.

Note: Wait for 3 day and after that login to you payoneer account and click on transactions. In transaction section you will see two different which you have done. Now go to paypal and confirm you bank account and pate there those two credit values And
Finally you account is successfully verified.

Blogger SEO complete video tutorial Urdu/Hindi

Blogger SEO complete video tutorial Urdu/Hindi
Blogger SEO complete video tutorial Urdu/Hindi

Doing on page SEO on blogger is a difficult task as well as challenge. Many new users don't know about SEO that's why they got less traffic on their blogs because their sites or blogs are not indexed well in Google. So let me first explain you SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is a process in which people optimizers their blog or website in such a way that their blog/site got rank in goggle easily. In SEO many techniques are used like choose of good keywords, increase in back links etc. Total SEO is divided in two groups i.e One Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Off page SEO includes those techniques that are done out side the blog/site like making backlinks etc. And on page SEO includes optimization of blog or website. I am sharing a complete video tutorial of On Page SEO with you. Hope you will like it.

Monday, 9 March 2015

How to create blog on blogger video tutorial Urdu/Hindi

How to create blog on blogger video tutorial Urdu/Hindi
How to create blog on blogger video tutorial Urdu/Hindi

Now a days everyone want to earn a money through online jobs. There are hundred of ways to earn money on internet. But the best and one of the most popular way of earning money is through blogger. Where people make their on blogs and write articles, tutorials etc and then apply for adsense and then start earning money.
This tutorial is for those who want to start blogging and want to learn this platform.
I am sharing a video tutorial with you guys in which you will learn blogging from start to end. This tutorial is in Urdu and Hindi language, so those people who don't know English much well can learn from this tutorial very easily. Hope you will like this tutorial. And don't forget to share you views with us so do comments on this post so it will be helpful for us to see that is our blog helpful for you or not.

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